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Yearly Archive - 2009

great 3rd party Drupal modules you might not have heard about

There are literally over 4500 3rd party modules for Drupal. So how does one know which modules to use? Whilst the Acquia distribution of Drupal covers all the really common, well maintained and useful 3rd party modules there are still a few other important ones that it misses out that you may not know about.

Europe Trip 2009 Summary/Tips

I've been back home for almost 4 weeks now, but am only just finding the time to write a bit of a summary of my partner (now fiancé!) and I's first trip around Europe!

Upgrade Drupal from 5.x to 6.x

Continuing on from Upgrading a Drupal 4.7.x site to 5.x, here are some notes after upgrading the same install from 5.x to the latest 6.x version of Drupal.

post magento construction notes

Below are a few issues I had whilst recently developing an ecommerce site using Magento.

Upgrading a Drupal 4.7.x site to 5.x

I recently had the potentially very painful task of upgrading a site from a hacked up version of Drupal 4.7.2 to the latest version of 5.x. Whilst I doubt theres many D4 sites still out there, I thought I'd share my notes and tips below as the whole process was quite interesting and perhaps it can at least save someone a bit of time. (Note: on the same site, I'll be doing the D5 to D6 upgrade in the next few weeks too, so I'll do a separate post for that here).

New URL, etc

Getting Drupal Acquia in Vanilla mode

I might be a bit behind the times here (oh, a good 9 months!), but I've finally had a chance to sit down and install Drupal Acquia - and to cut a long story short, I'm very impressed, indeed!

Why open source web apps don't suck!

The other day at work, we were discussing our initial trials of an open source ecommerce web application, and the following post came up: Why do open source web apps suck?

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