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Yearly Archive - 2007

November in review

Week Review #43

While, it was a busy week (for which I'm a little late in posting), there's unusually not much to post.

Week Review #42

Notice a pattern ? I think, rather then posting random stuff every now and then, I'm going to try write one post each week, summarising on things I've come across and work I've done. /me wonders how long this will last..

Week in review

My work week in review for 12th October 2007.

Moving IP's around

Modem Troubles

Encoding! eek

I recently went through hell and back with migrating a clients website over to a new web host: Basically, the lesson learnt here is, when importing data into mysql, make sure your character set's are set properly - client, server, connection, browser - they can all be set to different character sets.

Migrated to WordPress

Some sql tweaks for migrating from Drupal to Wordpress.

Various things

some personal notes over the past few weeks of work

MySQL JOIN's in 5.0

32bit apps in 64bit OS (debian)

EGN 5.0

axel - what an awesome little app

SC/BW versionchecks for PvPGN

Max files open

Came across the ulimit setting in Linux for the first time, and thought it was worth noting!

Google Maps Fun

Canon Printers in Ubuntu (or Debian)

Business Site

ubuntu, fglrx and external monitors

Billing Software

The last few weeks, I've been trialling, well actually paying, and testing the various types of web based billing applications.

Getting a webhost for dev work

Random Linux Stuff, and HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA fun

Firefox and Thunderbird

Back to work and busy!

A bit of mumble about what's been happening in the past week and a debrief of LCA2007 in Sydney.

One Sleep to go until lca2007

1 week and counting to Sydney