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I recently had the potentially very painful task of upgrading a site from a hacked up version of Drupal 4.7.2 to the latest version of 5.x. Whilst I doubt theres many D4 sites still out there, I thought I'd share my notes and tips below as the whole process was quite interesting and perhaps it can at least save someone a bit of time. (Note: on the same site, I'll be doing the D5 to D6 upgrade in the next few weeks too, so I'll do a separate post for that here).

I might be a bit behind the times here (oh, a good 9 months!), but I've finally had a chance to sit down and install Drupal Acquia - and to cut a long story short, I'm very impressed, indeed!

While, it was a busy week (for which I'm a little late in posting), there's unusually not much to post.

My work week in review for 12th October 2007.