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Post conference thoughts and a summary of some of the sessions I attended and enjoyed at DrupalSouth on 5th-7th March 2015.

Some thoughts and notes taken away from the DrupalSouth Wellington conference between 14-16th February 2014.

The first Australian DrupalCon was held last week in Sydney for around 400 delegates. I had the privilege of attending (in the process loosing my DrupalCon virginity!) and wanted to share some notes on my favourite sessions, as well as dish up some opinions :)
Comparing the different options and modules available for managing Layouts in Drupal.
Detailed technical notes and tips for developers and system admins, upgrading a Drupal 6.x site to 7.0.

My notes taken away from Drupaldownunder in Brisbane, 22nd - 23rd january 2011.

Notes after converting this blog from Wordpress to Drupal. Much easier than anticipated.

A few tips and small hacks I came up with for dynamically creating compliant epub files in PHP.

There are literally over 4500 3rd party modules for Drupal. So how does one know which modules to use? Whilst the Acquia distribution of Drupal covers all the really common, well maintained and useful 3rd party modules there are still a few other important ones that it misses out that you may not know about.

Continuing on from Upgrading a Drupal 4.7.x site to 5.x, here are some notes after upgrading the same install from 5.x to the latest 6.x version of Drupal.