Garmin eTrex H on Mac OS X

Some lessons learnt trying to get a Garmin eTrex H GPS unit working in Mac OS X Snow Leopard, for the purposes of sending/receiving tracks/courses, etc.

Amazon EC2 latency from Australian soil

Which of the Amazon EC2 Regions is best for users located in Australia. I've tested the latency of each, and here are the results.

Fun and Games, a noob with a DSLR

Some notes on the subject of photography, and some tips, links and comments for one looking to purchase a Digital SLR camera.

Upgraded to Drupal 7

Detailed technical notes and tips for developers and system admins, upgrading a Drupal 6.x site to 7.0.

Drupal Downunder 2011 Wrap up

My notes taken away from Drupaldownunder in Brisbane, 22nd - 23rd january 2011.

Migrated back to Drupal

Notes after converting this blog from Wordpress to Drupal. Much easier than anticipated.