DrupalSouth Wellington 2014

Some thoughts and notes taken away from the DrupalSouth Wellington conference between 14-16th February 2014.

Trekking in the Khumbu Valley, Nepal

It may sound a little strange, but after getting married, my wife and I decided to go do some trekking in Nepal for our honeymoon. It's not your typical honeymoon destination, but we wanted to experience something special. After coming back, I couldn't think of any place I'd rather have visited. Time and future holidays will tell I guess, but anyway, here's a few thoughts, tips, and info on visiting the region.

Raspberry Pi's, as tasty as they sound

First impressions of the raspberry pi and a PHP script to do dynamic DNS with the pi.

Drupalcon Sydney 2013 wrap

The first Australian DrupalCon was held last week in Sydney for around 400 delegates. I had the privilege of attending (in the process loosing my DrupalCon virginity!) and wanted to share some notes on my favourite sessions, as well as dish up some opinions :)

A week in Hanoi, Vietnam

Some tips and notes holidaying in and around Hanoi, Northern Vietnam, during September 2012.

Managing layouts in Drupal

Comparing the different options and modules available for managing Layouts in Drupal.