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Migrated back to Drupal

Posted at 22:58 on Thu, 20th January 2011 in drupal.

Notes after converting this blog from Wordpress to Drupal. Much easier than anticipated.

After converting this blog from Drupal to Wordpress back in 2007, I've finally decided to convert it back to Drupal!

I've been building websites for clients using Drupal throughout this time, but Drupal was never an out of box solution for blogging. Drupal tended to require too much messing around just to do a simple blog. I'd still recommend Wordpress as a blogging CMS to anyone that asked for advice, but my needs for a blog are different now, and I'm keener to learn more Drupal, at the expense of my personal time :)

To perform this conversion, I used the very simple and robust wordpress_import module. I also used wysiwyg_linebreaks to mimic wordpress's auto paragraphing, the GeSHi Filter for php syntax highlighting and emfield for youtube embedding. The current theme is the backported drupal 7 bartik theme, but I'll be switching to a Drupal port of the Titan theme (which is what I used in my Wordpress blog) when I get around to converting to Drupal 7.

There's still a few issues I need to fix (post dates, twitter feed, etc) but I'll leave them for the next time I find some time.