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iPad sold, kindle purchased

Posted at 21:59 on Thu, 18th November 2010 in gadgets.

Reasoning behind my switch from the awesome, powerful iPad, to an eReader, the Amazon Kindle.

Why would I do such a thing, you may ask. Well, firstly, I was finding that I wasn't really using the iPad all that much - I'm on a computer 8 to 10 hours a day at work and at home, so why would I need to be online, on the move too? What I was trying to use it for, was to read on the train to work, or before bed, but as a portable reading device, the iPad actually sucks. Why? well the reflective screen makes it difficult to read when outside, or near a window, and at a weight of 0.75 KG (1.6 pounds), you may as well carry the book itself (which is probably half the weight).

My other concern about the iPad is the stress I'd always go through, when using it in public. With all the advertising Apple do, and the 'trendiness' that apple products carry with them, even the drongo's that mug people, know what they are, and what they're worth (I'm possibly a little paranoid here, but it's better to be safe then sorry!).

I did look at buying a Kindle prior to buying my iPad, and at least had one curious look into them sometime last year too, but found they were much too expensive at the time just as an ereader device (~$350USD).

But in September 2010, Amazon released its 3rd generation 6" Kindle, for only $139 USD. So after managing to sell my iPad on EBay (Apple products always have good resale value!), I put in my order for the Kindle direct from Amazon, and within a week or so, it arrived.

Cutting to the chase - reading books on the Kindle is so freaking awesome! It's thin, light weight (0.25KG or 8.5 ounces), and feels so comfortable. The display was nothing I had seen before - they call it 'E-Ink' (some proprietary display technology - not Amazons). It's viewable from all angles, and non-illuminated so that you can read for hours on end, without your eyes getting tired - which is often what you'll find with illuminated displays like your computer screen or the iPad. When you want to buy a book, you either browse the store on the device itself, or if you have your own PDF's you can transfer them across USB cable without any special software.

Did I mention a single battery charge lasts 3 weeks? its 1 month if you have the wireless disabled too - which, lets face it, most people do, if you're just reading!

The iPad still has its place though - its an awesome mobile multimedia device, so its probably best suited to those that make use of a Netbook or Laptop for basic things like emails, facebook, games, and just want to be more mobile. If you're looking for a decent e-reader though, seriously consider the Kindle 6"!