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Favourites from SomaFM: Spacestation

Posted at 20:54 on Thu, 14th October 2010 in music.

A collection of some of my favourite tracks from the internet radio station: SomaFM, Spacestation.

As a developer in the web industry, you often spend your working time listening to some form of music. For me, I need something that isn't too rocking, isn't too fast, nor contain too many lyrics - otherwise it's too distracting.

I don't pretend to think I know a lot about music, or have a very good listening range, but I really like the online radio station SomaFM: Space Station.

SomaFM have over a dozen different radio channels, all of which play underground/non-commercial music of different genre's with no advertising. The Spacestation channel contains a mixture of ambient electro, trippy ambient, and chillout tunes.

I've been listening to it ever since iiNet offered unmetered usage to the Soma radio streams, which goes back at least a few years. Anyway, over the past year, I've made a record of some of my favorite tracks they've played.

So, in no particular order (Artist - Track Name):

  1. System 7 - Ship of the Desert
  2. Matt Coldrick - Solar Plexus Yellow Radieance
  3. Ulrich Schnauss - Monday, Paracetamol
  4. Steve Roach - Endorphin Dreamtime
  5. Ishq - Bhakt
  6. Jon Hopkins - The End
  7. Steve Roach - Holding the space
  8. Banco de Gaia - Not In My Name
  9. The Orb - Supernova at the end of the Universe
  10. Drift - Ember
  11. Gas - Earthloop
  12. Jairamji - Celestial Reasoning

The links to these tracks are all to, which some contain sample plays, and others contain links to itunes where you can preview or buy them. Some of them are so rare though, I've not found them anywhere (and therefore have to wait until Soma plays them again!). Some of them also might take a bit of getting use to, and then there are others you might like straight away. Enjoy!