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Recently listening too..

Posted at 13:42 on Sat, 7th March 2009 in music.

Just a few tracks I've heard on ASOT, and other online radio shows over the past few weeks that I really liked, and wanted to share:

  1. ASOT#393 (19.30min): "Oliver Smith – Restless (Signalrunners remix)" (yt) - fun classic sounding trance
  2. ASOT#390 (39.00min): "Kyau & Albert – Hooked On Infinity" (yt) - soothing euphoric trance
  3. "Tyler Straub - Drawn Faces" (yt) - great drum n bass track
  4. Somafm: "Mimoid - Strawberry" (lastfm) - weird/spooky chillout
  5. Somafm: "Orb - Back Side Of The Moon" (lastfm) - another weird ambient type track

Until next time, Adiós!