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New URL, etc

Posted at 16:44 on Sun, 5th July 2009 in technical, twitter.

As you can now see, I've moved my blog from to If it isn't obvious, the domain name space is for identities of those is Australia.You can grab them for around $30 from any good registry, Jumba, TPP Internet, etc.

Basically, the reason for changing, is because subdomains (like carry less weight in google indexes then TLD's or Country Second Level domains. The other reason was for my personal preference not to use subdomains, as they just seem a bit too tedious.

Another change I made here, is install this handy Twitter Widget Wordpress plugin which automatically updates this site with my tweets! I'm a bit of a Twitter noob - only opened an account a few weeks back for fun, so feel free to follow me, and I'll follow you back ;)