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Getting Drupal Acquia in Vanilla mode

Posted at 21:34 on Mon, 25th May 2009 in drupal.

I might be a bit behind the times here (oh, a good 9 months!), but I've finally had a chance to sit down and install Drupal Acquia - and to cut a long story short, I'm very impressed, indeed!

Acquia is the commercially supported version of Drupal. The standard package (which can be downloaded from the acquia site) comes with all those important 3rd party modules: CCK, Views, Wysiwyg, Filefield, Calendar, Date, Google_Analytics, Imagecache, Pathauto, Print, Admin_menu and a whole lot more. Individually downloading, extracting and moving/uploading all these modules can take a fair bit of time normally.

One of the (pretty minor) downsides to using Acquia though, is that the commercial subscription options come bundled (and enabled) with the package, and the default garland themes has a little Acquia branding. Surprisingly though, its pretty easy to disable (aka vanilla-ise it), and I've jotted down the whole 2! steps taken below:

  1. Simply disable the modules (Site Building->Modules): Acquia Site Information, Acquia Search (if you've switched it on) and then Acquia Agent (you might need to disable each one individually). This will remove the subscription messages and the flag shown in your admin menu (top right hand menu).
  2. Go to Site Building->Themes->Garland->Configure and tick the 'User the default logo'. This will switch back on the Drupal alien logo, rather then the acquia logo.

That's it, pretty simple, huh!

Now a quick note if your a developer:

The 3rd party modules which you'd normally install into 'sites/all/modules' are instead installed in 'modules/acquia'. No, don't put any custom or other 3rd party modules in 'modules/acquia' - continue to put them in 'sites/all/modules' to ensure you don't contaiminate the acquia installation. The reason you might want to know where the 3rd party modules are that come with acquia, is that you might need to go through the code (perhaps for searching for a theme function, or function parameters).

Not much more to say at this point about Acquia, other then that it rocks!