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Noobie Mobile guide

Posted at 23:36 on Mon, 14th April 2008 in gadgets.

Like most people, I've had a mobile (in some shape or brick form) for almost a decade now.. Anyways, last week, I bought a new phone due to the speaker on my old Panasonic VS2 dying. I had it for a good 2 years & 6 months, so it got a fair bit of use.

The new phone I decided on was the Nokia 6300. It's by no means an expensive phone - I'm not one to waste money on gadgets I don't really need.. But this phone had what I wanted (mp3, fm radio, bluetooth, gprs, etc), had a nice design, and was around my budget (~$200). I only spent a few hours browsing around the shops, and on ebay, until I made the decision and ordered a new unlocked version over ebay - which saved me about $50.00 (15%) over buying it in the shop.

Anyway, I've never really had much more use for my phone besides calls and sms.. but with this new phone, I've discovered a whole heap more.. yes, I'm a noobie ! The point of this post, was simply to share a few links that I found useful, reading a few sites, and talking to some friends:

  • The Nokia website has a facility, which can send you a bunch of presettings (via sms) for things like MMS, GPRS, Internet Access and so on. It saves you having to call up Optus to get them to explain how to se these things over the phone. Check the page out here:
  • If you want a really decent web browser for your phone, (the default nokia one sucks), try Opera Mini (its free).
  • Check out the gmail and gmaps java applications and the rest of the google mobile applications.
  • Symbian is the most common form of mobile OS, and if you want a phone that does most stuff well, try get one that runs the S60 OS, which is what most new Nokia's run. (Unfortunately, my phone just runs the S40 OS, so it can't run all those cool apps you get off the torrent networks).

Happy mobile computing!