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Week in review

Posted at 14:18 on Fri, 12th October 2007 in drupal, hardware, misc.

My work week in review for 12th October 2007.

I recently did some Drupal work for a client, which turned out to be a bit of fun. The Google Custom Search service is a service that can be integrated into websites for a branded/focused version of google's efficient, accurate search facility. The Drupal module for this service had only been released for 5.x, so I got to work and backported a version for 4.7.x for a client. Was refreshing to do a bit of open source work - if you want to check it out, see this page: Google_cse: I'd love a release for Drupal 4.7.6.

In other news, I took the plunge and decided to indulge in some computer upgrades for my secondary machine i.e. Games and Photoshop (shamefully running Windows XP):

I hadn't spent any money on computer components for quite a while, so I guess its not that bad. Before, during and after the upgrades, I conducted some benchmarks to see how it improved my frame rates, check out the results over on the EGN Forums.

Onto other news, I had a bit of a winge over on the Freshbooks Forums for their lack of effort on progress for features that assist non-American's. It's frustrating to say the least. I also can't stand it how companies want to brand everything as much as possible to market things to their advantage.

Heading to RFLan tomorrow, should be abit of fun - haven't been to a LAN that I haven't been involved in organising, for at least 4/5 years.