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SC/BW versionchecks for PvPGN

Posted at 00:17 on Fri, 18th May 2007 in fun.

Surprisingly, Blizzard released an update today, for their Starcraft/Broodwars game - v1.15.

Who would have thought, 9 years on (released in 1998), there would be an update? Not me! The last update (1.14) was released about the same time last year, so it's not like this is the first one in agers. The reality is, that the game is huge in Korea. To put it in perspective, a quote from wikipedia "popular in South Korea, where professional players and teams participate in matches, earn sponsorships, and compete in televised matches".

Anyway, onto the guts of this post. If you're a server administrator of a PvPGN server then you'll have to make some adjustments to your versioncheck.conf, to make you're server compatible with the new update. You can do this by reading your server logs, extracting the checksum/mod dates, and so on. I've just done this (for the EGN PvPGN server), and tested it, and it all seems to work. So below are the versioincheck extracts for any other PvPGN server admins out there.

# Starcraft - Brooadwar (Expansion) 1.15 - (Brooadwar mode)
"A=2521522835 B=3428392135 C=218673704 4 A=A^S B=B-C C=C+A A=A-B" \
"IX86ver1.mpq" \
IX86 \
"starcraft.exe 05/08/07 19:13:26 1220608" \
0x000000d1 \
0x010f0001 \
0xc9ca8bc3 \
# Starcraft - Broodwar (Expansion) 1.15 - (Starcraft mode)
"A=2521522835 B=3428392135 C=218673704 4 A=A^S B=B-C C=C+A A=A-B" \
"IX86ver1.mpq" \
IX86 \
"starcraft.exe 05/08/07 19:13:26 1220608" \
0x000000d1 \
0x010f0001 \
0xc9ca8bc3 \
I've posted it here, because the PvPGN forums are down, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to post it.?>