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Random Linux Stuff, and HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA fun

Posted at 16:42 on Wed, 7th February 2007 in linux, pear.

Last weekend, I had a bit of time to relax and do some fun stuff. Fun stuff, as in play with Ubuntu!

Thanks to this article: 3D Desktop (Beryl and Xgl) on Ubuntu Edgy Eft with ATI card, I was able to get the 3D desktop stuff finally going. While it is really cool to use (and show off with), there is a slight performance hit to general use of your machine, which I'd rather not have - so for the time being I'll stick to the standard GNome session. The other downside to running an XGL desktop, is that (afaik) you can't run OpenGL games.

For those wanting to disable the touchpad on your notebook, as you may use a real notebook mouse (I know I did!, hec its annoying), check out: Disable Synaptics Touchpad.

Also over the weekend, I attempted to get Warcraft 3 running via wine (WC3 in Wine). After a few tweaks in the wine registry for res, and opengl mode (not to mention switching back to a Gnome desktop session), it was running pretty well. The only (but major) problem is, I can't get seem to be able to connect to private Battle.Net servers, because the checksum on the war3 binary seems to be different when run in windows - so still under investigation.

Also, earlier today, I spent the best part of a day trying to get the documentation bug to Pear, hopefully it will save someone else some time.