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November in review

Posted at 21:54 on Fri, 30th November 2007 in music.

I can't believe how fast each week is going.. Before the week actually starts its already over.. I guess that means either I'm getting old, or I'm too busy to notice...

Anyway, last weekend was the Australian 2007 election, which saw Kevin Rudd voted in as the next Prime Minister of Australia.. Already in less then a week Kevin has selected his ministers, visited homeless shelters, investigated wha'ts needed to sign the Kyoto agreement, promised to apologise to indigenous Australians (stolen generation), and more...

A little less serious now.. as some of you would know, I like trance.. specifically, the ASOT radio station by Armin Van Buuren. Anyway, their having their annual poll for the top 5 tracks of the year and so I thought I'd share what I voted for:

  • Alex Kinnari - Lifter (Paul Webster Remix)
  • Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree
  • Perpetuous Dreamer - The Sound Of Goodbye (Nic Chagall's Drumbeat Re-edit)
  • Hybrid - Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix)
  • Breakfast - The Horizon

I listen to ASOT just about every week, and pay no attention to the song names.. so selecting this list meant I had to skip through the shows quickly until I recognised one I liked, and then cross reference it with the other songs in the radio playlist... it was a little difficult.. but a bit of fun.. Anyway if you listen and want to vote, visit If you don't listen, and want to, you can download the podcasts (via torrent) from - they're great for all forms of electronic music thats played on radio, etc.

I don't have much PHP/MySQL/Drupal stuff to talk about, unfortunately.. most of the work I've been doing lately is too specific, and hasn't involved releasing anything.. I did try out the Drupal 6.0 B3 release though, and was pleasantly impressed.. so much AJAX! Can't wait until its live, and people start porting their modules over.. its going to get interesting :) I have a few idea's for a few new modules too.. just got to find the time!