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Moving IP's around

Posted at 14:56 on Tue, 25th September 2007 in networking.

With games networks, you have a lot of server instances, over a lot of boxes, using a lot of IP space.

Sometimes, you have to move server instances from one box to another, and obviously, you want to minimise the downtime, and minimise the inconvenience to users - so you'll want to move the IP address(es) too.

Usually when you move IP's around, you need to wait a few hours for the Data Centre's BGP routers to recognize the new IP route to the new box.

But I found this cool trick, which makes the changes instant. It's called 'ping' - the nix version anyway - windows doesn't seem to offer the option.

Make sure the old ip is ifdown on the old box, then on the new box, after you have ifup'ed it, simply do:
$ ping -I #.#.#.#

There, done!