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Modem Troubles

Posted at 10:55 on Fri, 14th September 2007 in hardware, networking.

Last night I went to update the firmware on my ADSL Router, a Billion BiPAC 7402VGO... and it failed! The result was a useless modem and NO INTERNET!

Luckily... I had my trusty, old, never failing DLink DSL300 (from 2002, the newer DLinks suck btw).. so I was able to plug one machine in, and google a solution.. I have to say, I was pretty ecstatic to find this page on the billion forums, which provides a relatively simple Recovery Program for the 7402VGO - before you jump for joy.. you'll need a computer with an old 9 pin serial port - which most computers (especially laptops) no longer have built in. Luckily I had access to some older computers at a clients place near by, and was able to sort something out.

In other news, Google is paying for a USD$30 million contest for private companies sending robots to the moon.

"The bulk of the prize will go to the first private company that can land a robotic rover on the moon and beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth, the internet search leader said."

I'm sorry, but that is just cool, specifically the conditions of "beam back a gigabyte of images and video to Earth"

The full article can be read here: Google funds $30m moonshoot.