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Migrated to WordPress

Posted at 10:49 on Mon, 13th August 2007 in wordpress.

Some sql tweaks for migrating from Drupal to Wordpress.

As you can see, and as previously predicted, I've now migrated my Drupal (5.1) based blog, to WordPress (2.2.2).

The changeover was fairly easy to do, thanks largely to this post: Migrating Drupal to Wordpress. Since that post is almost two years old, the sql needed some tweaking to work with the 5.x series of Drupal. If you need the tweak's I've made them available here: convert-drupal-wp.txt

In the process of converting over, I noticed a large number of sp4m comments - so I decided to purge all comments. Also keep in mind that user accounts were not copied across either. There shouldn't be anymore sp4m comments now, due to the trustly WP plugin: Akismet which is like a blacklist for comments.

From a blogger perspective, WP is pretty damn neat! It's really polished with its ajax, and overall design.