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Google Maps Fun

Posted at 10:14 on Mon, 2nd April 2007 in webdev.

Anyone who's used Google Maps knows its the best thing since sliced bread. It's been around for years now, and everyone would have zoomed in on their old home, or a holiday destination once or twice. However, only recently I discovered that Google offered a very flexible API of the Google Maps system - meaning programmers can use the Google Maps services in their applications.

Recently, a client of mine, who has several 'sites' across the Western Australia region, with dozens of jobs available in each site, wanted to somehow show their sites on a map so that job applicants could get an idea of where in WA they would be working, Was this a problem to do ? No, because Google Maps API ! It only took a few hours to create the location markers on the map, setup info windows to show location details, job numbers, and links to the jobs, and so on. The system isn't live yet - I'll post the link in a week or so, if anyone is actually interested (post a comment to show interest).

While I was doing this work, I needed an easy method for obtaining and converting the different types of latitude and longitude values. i.e. Google works with Decimal coordinates, while the client worked with the Sexagesimal coordinates.. So.. I put a little conversion code into Google Maps and produced this little app to generate them for you based on the centre position of the map, where ever that may be :) Hope it can be useful to someone out there.