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Getting a webhost for dev work

Posted at 15:51 on Mon, 26th February 2007 in technical.

I've never had a need for PostgreSQL (MySQL has always done it for me), but I was forced into contact with it, when some work came along for a client needing upgrades done to their database application.

After considering installing PostgreSQL on my colo, and also on my desktop, I decided it might be quicker, and easier to get a host that already had it installed. (not only do you need the server running, but you also need an interface to manage the database, the libraries to be compiled into php, and so on).

So, I thought.. well, after having read some good feedback in various places like Whirlpool and doing some comparisons on cost/value about Jumba, I thought what the hec, lets get a reseller account with them, and see how it is.

The first thing that struck me, was the low cost/high value. A reseller account for one month is $19.95, which allows you to create 20 accounts each with, cpanel, unlimited mysql databases, emails, subdomains.. php5, mysql5, hosted on Australia soil ? Are we in heaven ? - No.. but the former is true..

The second thing that got me hooked, was the live support function and prompt reply to emails - the 'Managing Director' of the company is actually the guy that replies to your support emails, ha!

The third thing that got me hooked, was their offer to give me shell access, so that I could load my sql in by command line.. You know any hosts that offer ssh access? It's not advertised on their site, because - then you'll get all the kiddies trying to crack it.. but if there is a good enough reason for you to have it, I guess they hand it over - keep in mind the SSH access is in jailshell, and quite restrictive, but it still works enough for you to do your normal everyday tasks.

Jumba also have some pretty good prices on domain name registrations (cheapest I've ever seen, even better then TPPInternet).. so I'm now thinking about moving some of my other sites over to them. Like a wise (or lazy) man, I'll wait a month or two first to make sure things with Jumba continue fruitfully..

Jumba Hosting, recommended: