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Firefox and Thunderbird

Posted at 17:03 on Sat, 3rd February 2007 in technical.

One of the really cool things, I've found (but is probably used by everyone duel-booting) is that with Thunderbird (TB) and Firefox (FF) its possible to access the same profiles in different Operating Systems without corrupting the data.

My notebook, has three partitions, Ubuntu Edgy, Windows XP (soon to be Vista), and a Work partition. The work partition is encrypted with Truecrypt, and I store my TB and FF profiles here along with all my other docs - the profiles are pretty damn important, i.e. all your archived mail, stored passwords, bookmark, etc. Anyway, so that's all encrypted, but regardless of whether I'm in Ubuntu or XP, truecrypt runs in both, and TB and FF can be setup via the profiles.ini to access a non-standard path. The reads and writes to the actual profile data is the same in both OS's!

Some things for reference: