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Posted at 14:39 on Fri, 23rd March 2007 in css, projects.

In the process of applying for an Internet merchant account, I was required to publish various details and documents on my business web site - which is fair enough. This led to me re-doing the whole site, including a bit of rebranding and changing my mission/goals as a business. Personally, I think it's come out quite well: AKB Web Services V2.0

Note the 2.0 has no relevant to the 'Web 2.0' buzzword, it's just the second version of the site.

This was the first time in a long time, I had, had a chance to do a site from the ground up, without a designer involved.. so I got to experiment a bit with the modern/professional theme - simplicity, lots of space, etc. (Note, I am not a graphics designer lol).

Anyway a few things that I used: Complete Set of Faux Column CSS Layouts, SXSW Panel: Business side of web design and the Web 2.0 Directory (for getting idea's).

It still needs a lot of work - mainly functionality for order forms and so on, but I'll be proud now (rightly or wrongly) of having visitors to the site.. Yay..