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axel - what an awesome little app

Posted at 20:55 on Fri, 18th May 2007 in linux.

Usually I use ncftp to transfer files around, as it has cool recursive put & get features. But recently, I needed a command line ftp client with some form of rate limiting. This is because, over 100mbit LAN, files can come across very fast (10MB/s), which will result in a disk getting slammed, and even in DMA mode, the CPU getting sucked away.

A quick search in google for "linux ftp client limit speed" revealed a little utility called 'axel' (A light download accelerator for Linux.).

$ axel -s 500000

Will download the somedisk.iso file at 500KB/s.

Axel has a few other features too, like max connections, etc.

The well know 'wget' also has a rate limiting feature "--limit-rate=RATE", but I forgot about that parameter until after I wrote this post.. and besides.. typing "-s 500000" is a lot quicker then "--limit-rate=500000".. :)

I guess this post is more of a note to myself, rather then being a informative/useful contribution to the Internet blogging world.. Oh well..