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1 week and counting to Sydney

Posted at 23:43 on Sun, 7th January 2007 in travel.

This time next week, if everything goes to planned, my gf (Katrina) and I, will have landed in Sydney and be settling in to our Hotel.

We are going for 10 days, the first 5 days will be for the Linux Conference which starts on Monday 15th.. and the second 5 days will be rest and relaxation. Mind you, my GF is not going to the conference, she doesn't know, or want to know about Linux... But she's going on the `Partners Programme` which the Conference organisers, have so conveniently organised! Good job lads!

Anyway, you might ask - why would you travel 4000 km's to listen to nerds talk about Linux for a few days ? My answer is, to learn more about the best thing since sliced bread - Linux and Open Source ! Sheesh..!

One thing I have heard (even from my mother) is that the I.T. industry is always changing - changing technologies, changing attitudes, and changing technologies.. again.. :) Nothing much really happens here in Perth, so to the Linux Conferernce in Sydney it is!

The conference is held every year in an Australian city, and last time it was in Perth, (2003), I missed it.. so this will be my first - and will probably be the largest, since Sydney and the UNSW is so big (apparently).

This is my first trip in over 2 years.. now to prey I don't get mugged by ice bandits on the notorious streets of Sydney..

1 week and counting.