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Time for a new start

Posted at 18:24 on Sun, 12th November 2006 in life.

Many months ago, I decided it was time to move on in life and mid last month I took the big step,and left my full time position as a web developer at a local ISP (after over 2 years).

What I plan to do now is focus on some of my long term hobby projects such as EGN Australia and to a lesser extent, ASX Tracker. I'll also be doing contract development work through my x-employer's clients to keep the bills paid, etc.

The purpose of setting up this webblog is to document some of the things I'm doing (mainly technical), so that I can refer back to them later, and also to see if what I am doing is actually of any interest to anyone else in the world. This also gives me a chance to test and experiment with the new Drupal 5.0 series.

For those that don't know what Drupal is.. to quote the is-drupal-right-for-you page, 'Drupal is a highly configurable, modular content management system'.