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Perth Daylight Saving

Posted at 08:42 on Fri, 1st December 2006 in random.

As anyone living in Perth, Western Australia (GMT+8) would know, `they` (`they` as in the deranged politicians), are introducing a daylight saving trial for the next 3 years.

Personally, I find the whole idea more effort then its worth.. but anyway.. with the system coming into effect on 3rd December (this Sunday), it's better to be ready then not.

So, without further opinionated remarks.. below are a few links to help with adjusting your Perth Linux boxes:


and here's a handy shell script to apply the changes automatically:

cd /tmp
wget http\:\/\/\/time\/Perth
cd /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia
mv Perth Perth.orig && mv /tmp/Perth ./Perth
mv West West.orig && cp ./Perth ./West

I've installed this on a few boxes so far.. I'll let you know if it was successfull or not..

/me wonders about the mobile phone and whether optus will update it remotely?