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my second notebook

Posted at 17:09 on Fri, 29th December 2006 in hardware.

personal notes and experiences using my new laptop, this time directly purchased from Dell, instead of via an ebay seller.

Wow.. it came this morning at 10:30 AM. It was 4 working days early? WTF?

According to the Dell sales person I exchanged emails with, the notebooks are constructed in Malaysia (this is also where the Dell teleworkers are too). The notebook has to be constructured, because (for those that are unsure), when you order a Dell notebook, you can make all these customisations.. i.e. different CPU, memory, Video Card, TFT screen type, etc. Just about every component was different to stock with my order.. so you'd think it would be a bit longer. But no, it took 5 working days to construct, package, ship, courier, and deliver. Very efficient! Well done Dell.

Anyway, I've been fiddling with it for most of the day, and I hope to setup an encrypted partition soon using Truecrypt. I'll store thunderbird and firefox profiles on there, along with my work, just incase the notebook is stolen and gets into the wrong hands!

I've also been planning what to get next - an anti-theft cable, a notebook desktop cooler and maybe an external hard drive enclosure (to leech and store stuff at lans, etc).

Included with the laptop was the Google desktop software, which is free, but until now, I've never installed it on anything.. I can't believe how useful it is though, the todo list, weather, email, winamp and system monitor gadgets is what I have installed at the moment, but this will probably change in the future.

Also, given, I'm running in an unusual resolution (1680x1050), you wouldn't think there would be any desktop backgrounds available ? Well after a quick google I found this really cool site: InterfaceLIFT which has wallpaper for this res, and just about everything else !

Cross my fingers, the laptop continues to keep me happy!